On Set Management is a Dallas based agency representing behind the scenes talent for commercial photo shoots.

We represent a wide range of stylists, hair & make up artists, set designers, production assistants, and assistant stylists for both print and video shoots.

We work with an extensive client base in advertising, TV commercials, catalog, editorial, annual reports, brochures, packaging, and design projects.

Our goal is to partner exceptional talent with photographers to create images with artistic integrity that are successful in the commercial market.

Tracey Keimer

Katie Ford

Sam Howard

Lara Amis-Wardrobe Stylist

Krissy Smith-Prop & Soft Stylist

Carolyn Kramer-Wardrobe Stylist

Phillip Groves-Wardrobe & Prop Stylist

Jay Evers-Sets, Prop, Product Stylist

Lisa Slusher-Wardrobe Stylist

Geovany Martinez-Wardrobe & Prop Stylist

Sally Schnitzius-Wardrobe Stylist

Ashley Lee-Wardrobe & Prop Stylist

Kaylynn Jaycox-Prop & Set Stylist

Thais Schmidt-Wardrobe & Prop Stylist

Lisa Kasberg-Prop Stylist

Scott Morris-Wardrobe Stylist

Christy Eastland-Wardrobe Stylist

Eureka Calhoun-Wardrobe Stylist

Michelle Dick-HMU

Blaze Mathis-HMU

Fiona Lee-HMU

Cher Hukill-HMU

Erin Faison-Photographer

Oscar Tellez-Assistant

Michelle Evans-Asssistant

Aaron Dinh-Assistant

Meghan Ekes-Assistant

Cordell Green-Assistant

Shelly Funke-Assistant

Addie Szews-Assistant

Kendel Bolton-Assistant

Cindy McDaniel-Assistant

Michelle Cervantes-Assistant

Brianna Martinez-Assistant

Megan Robinson-Assistant

Andrea Zamora-Assistant

Olivia Camargo-Assistant

Alison Jensen-Assistant

Gabriela Jaramillo-Assistant